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John Lennon at the time I met him, was the most recognizable person on the planet. He lived as if he had no ego, and made every person he met feel special.

We talked for long periods about the actual conspirators in big money's attempt to control your life.

He knew that the FBI and the CIA were watching him, he loved pointing out to me the agents in the crowd of photographers.

He laughed at the clumsy attempts to be "Covert", his pal Derek was even more revealing. He outlined how the campaign was designed and how he and John were certain he would be killed by the CIA in what would look like an insane fan gone Berserk

When we talked John mentioned a couple of times telling me that he would be dead , saying " Hang onto these snaps, when I am dead they might be worth some money. I have no desire to profit from John lennon's life, I just would like you young people to know what an amazing human being he was.

The resonance of his love is part of my daily meditation. i was honored to sit with John Lennon and meditate with him and the Hari Christina.

When he was was confronted by the Violent People Like the FLQ leader Paul Rose, he was insistant and pointed and un yielding in his quest for peace.

Tim Leary and John and I shared insights into LSD and the power of the mind.

That same power turned to bad is evil.





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