All Rights Reserved. It established the chancellor of the exchequer as the paramount financier of his day, and it was only the first of a long series of similar performances, different, of course, in detail, but alike in their bold outlines and brilliant handling. from the Bay of Fonseca to Salinas Bay, is bold, rocky and unbroken by any great indentation; here, however, are the best harbours of the republic - the southern arm of the Bay of Fonseca (q.v. The bold list of example sentences with bold. Just a Unicode character - it is space, but you won't see the space. The name was black against a band the color of red wine, both intricate and bold, with odd characters etched into the edges of the band. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. The coast-line, which extends from Ondarroa to a short distance east of Castro Urdiales, is bold and rugged, and in some places is deeply indented. His bold and vigorous language aptly expressed the thoughts which had long been secretly stirring Russian minds, and were now beginning to find a timid utterance at home. To bold only partial text string in a cell, you can do as below: 1. italics for emphasis, not bold or underlining. After bold and repeated overtures for an exchange of prisoners - an important matter, both because the American frigates had no place in which to - stow away their prisoners, and because of the maltreatment _ of American captives in such prisons as Dartmoor - exchanges began at the end of March 1779, although there were annoying delays, and immediately after November 1781 there was a long break in the agreement; and the Americans discharged from English prisons were constantly in need of money. Fearless 7. who, as the ally of Charles the Bold, was menacing the coast of Normandy. ; to have been stolen with the Pitt during the French Revolution; and subsequently to have been the property of the king of Spain, Prince Demidoff and an Indian prince. Agathocles, however, with Syracuse blockaded by a Carthaginian fleet, formed the bold idea of carrying the war into Africa. Into later developments of this feeling an increasing element of illusion entered, and all other written embodiments of it known to us take the form of literary fictions, more or less bold. , When my friend broke up with her boyfriend, she was bold enough to do it in front of the entire school. In the same year his pupil Volter (Die Entstehung der Apok., 1882, 1885) put forward the bold theory that the original Apocalypse consisted of 1.4-6, iv. But Italian taste was all for bold, highly-coloured; slashing statements, that any one could understand; what it wanted was a method that should be at once intel lectually impressive, and free from the usual clouds that beset the scholar's path. Examples of Bold in a sentence Because I was bold, my friends pushed me into the haunted house ahead of them. I'm using the newest verison of powerpoint and I'm wanting to simply 'bold' a word on click... but the closest option I can find is bold reveal... is there a more simple It was led by Lord Lovel, Richards chamberlain and admiral; but the insurgents dispersed when Henry marched against them with a large force (1486), and Lovel took refuge in Flanders with Margaret of York, the widow of Charles the Bold of Burgundy, whose dower towns were the refuge of all English exiles, and whose coffers were always open to subsidize plots against her nieces husband. Like its sister Epistle to the Colossians, it represents, whoever wrote it, deep experience and bold use of reflection on the meaning of that experience; if it be from the pen of the Apostle Paul, it reveals to us a distinct and important phase of his thought. The Apsheron men, excited by the Tsar's presence, passed in step before the Emperors and their suites at a bold, brisk pace. Using italics, bold or … Is the text consistent in its use of bold, italics, font face, font size, etc. minimum depth of water, is between two bold sandstone cliffs, called the Heads. They are also good farmers and bold seamen. If in the West Athanasianism is a datum, but unexamined, and not valued for its own sake, Augustinianism is a bold interpretation of the essential piety of the West, but an interpretation which not i even piety can long endure - morally burdensome if religiously mpressive. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. bold, italics, font face, font size, etc. In 1734, however, the opposition was bold enough to denounce his neutrality on the occasion of the war of the Polish Succession, when Stanislaus I. In the interior there is a fine organ and a quantity of statuary, and the vaults contain the remains of Philip the Bold, duke of Burgundy, and Anne of Burgundy, daughter of John the Fearless. In Hippotragus the stout and thickly ringed horns rise vertically from a ridge above the eyes at an obtuse angle to the plane of the lower part of the face, and then sweep backwards in a bold curve; while there are tufts of long white hairs near the eyes. A, general feeling that King Alexander contemplated changing the situation by one of his bold and clever coups d'etat increased the political unrest. A bold projecting balcony, richly ornamented, runs round each storey. By a bold march across Flanders, Maurice reached Nieuport on the 1st of July, and proceeded to invest it. That's a bold statement, coming from a sitting president and former general. Valiant 6. As a ballad poet, Schiller's popularity has been hardly less great than as a dramatist; the bold and simple outline, the terse dramatic characterization appealed directly to the popular mind, which did not let itself be disturbed by the often artificial and rhetorical tone into which the poet falls. As per below image, there are many BOLD and Italic fonts that you may choose from - … The characters are thicker than normal, as you see here: This sentence is in normal type. It is situated in an elevate valley between the bold ridges of Hindhead (895 ft.) and Black down (918ft.). But though they generally had the best scholarship of England against them, they were bold, acute, well-informed men; they appreciated more fully than their contemporaries not a few truths now all but universally accepted; and they seemed therefore entitled to leave their mark on subsequent theological thought. Bold is a heavy kind of writing. Not only is his vocabulary very extensive, but his employment of it extraordinarily bold and unconventional. The death of the duke of Anjou at Ban (1384) gave preponderant influence to Philip the Bold, duke of Burgundy, who increased the large and fruitless expenses of his Burgunclian policy to such a point that on the return of a last unfortunate expedition into Gelderland Charles VI., who had been made by him to marry Isabel of Bavaria, took the governMadness ment from his uncles on the 3rd of May 1389, and vi. Whatever were their views as to the relations between ecclesiastical and secular jurisdiction, the French clergy, ruined by the dues levied by the papal court, ranged themselves on the national side with the nobility and the bourgeoisie; whereupon the king, with a bold stroke far ahead of his time, gave tit for tat. The adjective is "bold". The last prince of the house of Saman, Montasir, a bold warrior and a poet of no mean talent, carried on for some years a kind of guerilla warfare against both Mahmud and the Ilek Khan, who had occupied Transoxiana, till he was assassinated in 1005 (395 A.H.). More like out of the loop It was a bold move shunning celeb mag fodder in favor of news. bold lettering could be the only text read by the buyer applicator or specifier. A word has synonyms as well as antonyms. And yet, for someone who was bold enough to drive up and introduce himself, he was certainly having a hard time working up the courage to ask her to a movie. At the same time, when viewed from the exterior, the main dome rises large, bold and commanding, with nothing of the squat appearance that mars the dome of St Sophia, with nothing of the petty prettiness of the little domes perched on the drums of the later Byzantine churches. So we can also call bold "bold type". Bancroft's opinion is that Polk was "prudent, far-sighted, bold, exceeding any Democrat of his day in his undeviatingly correct exposition of Democratic principles. In the centre is a bold rock, crowned by the castle, between which and the new town lies a ravine that once contained the Nor' Loch, but is now covered with the gardens of Princes Street. He urged upon the administration the bold policy of protesting against the sailing of Cervera's fleet, on the ground that it would be regarded as a warlike measure not against the Cuban revolutionaries, who had no navy, but against the United States; and he advised that, if Cervera sailed, an American squadron be sent to meet him and to prevent his approach to America. And what, if I may be so bold, is the meaning of this note? You can hit edit on my post and try using arrow to navigate around the text: At the character k, you will need to press arrow 2 times to get to * of the bold formatting. The western portions of the range rise abruptly from the ocean, forming a bold and beautiful coast. In the circumstances Baron Aerenthal determined on a bold policy. You'd have to be a pretty bold person to wear some of the creations. Regained by the Habsburgs in 1477 when Mary, daughter and heiress of duke Charles the Bold, married the German king Maximilian the duchy passed to Philip II. The soldiers marched boldly into battle, despite being heavily outnumbered. 143. The north shore of Lake Superior is bold and rugged with many islands, such as Ignace and Michipicoten, but with very few settlements, except fishing stations, owing to its rocky character. The blue male griffin has connections with a local legend concerning the Bold family, which once had strong associations with Farnworth Parish Church. Clear, bold page headings have been used to reinforce understanding of the navigation system. Amazon gets to do something bold that would cause the mother of all stock dives in any other 100+Bn company.