endobj 4 Property of Association 4 . %���� <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 3 0 obj Draft revision committee Rufus Walters Marie Seton James Galakpain Rev. Eastgate Community Association Constitution i. NAME The name of the charity shall be the Heene Community Association (hereinafter called “the Association”) 2. 2) OBJECTS The objects of the Group shall be: to improve the area known as Anytown for the benefit of the inhabitants of the area; to encourage the goodwill and involvement of the wider community; to foster community spirit and encourage civic … THE CONSTITUTION OF Southwick Community Association 1. ]TU]�߾������R���1!��fLp0��/���7���FE�7�@@d���[��N�[Ɍ���Pl�wK �{ևo��ۻ~�&��3�{9 ��� ҔI� ��)x���9K�a7!� ��7����R����x>5S�L1���Ãp��N��A��>FDx�>Fdx�}�d�A莇���� �Kd��#����$΢eNo�0�E4�-�I�!VQ1��&���,6I�LdmD]jt85�fD NAME. endobj NAME OF THE ASSOCIATION The name of the Association shall be “KING’S COLLEGE OLD BOYS’ ASSOCIATION”. 13 0 obj the constitution and rules and regulations of the network. Application for membership . ACT To enable communities to form juristic persons, to be known. Supplies that includes the following: The Association constitution 3 Revision 2: 18th December 2016 CONSTITUTION OF COPPERCLUB GOLF & COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED 1. endobj Sample constitution for small voluntary organisations www.communityimpactbucks.org.uk Community Impact Bucks is a registered charity no:1070267 company no: 3508718 PROMOTING EXCELLENCE IN VOLUNTARY AND COMMUNITY SERVICES. The name of the Association shall be the Brancepeth Community Association (hereinafter called “the Association”) 2. AUTHORITY TO TRADE 25. Quarterly dues for the quarter. STOCKWELL COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED . 9 Secretary / Public Officer 7 . 2 Constitution Of The Liberian Community Association of Connecticut TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1 Preamble Article 1: Name The Motto The Emblem Article II: Objectives and … 6 0 obj )>A�Q/֏�j�"��MU�[��l��� mc)Z3��)�����`��7�V�5�� �u���+���`T�u����f��7�n�|�R�? 984), and May 1, 1936 (49 Stat. The Association is established as a non-profit making body. %PDF-1.3 Name The name of the association is: 2. endobj day of September, 2008. CONTENTS . Alterations to the Constitution Any proposal by the COMMUNITY COUNCIL to alter this Constitution must be first considered by a meeting of the COMMUNITY COUNCIL and the terms of the proposed resolution to alter the Constitution shall be stated on the notice calling the meeting which shall be issued not less than ten days prior to the meeting. The name of the Association is Zimbabwean Community Association Norwich (“the Charity”). 8 0 obj 5 0 obj <> Constitution of the St George Community Association 1. 8 Chairperson 6 . NAME OF CLUB The name of the Club is Copperclub Golf & Community Association Incorporated ("Club") Subject … <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 595.32 841.92] /Contents 14 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> (2) If the Constitution is altered, the public officer must ensure compliance with section 23 of the Act. ALTERATION OF CONSTITUTION 23 35. The objects of the Association shall be:- (a) to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of Brancepeth and the neighbourhood (hereinafter called the “area of benefit”.) Crawley Community Action The Orchard, 1-2 Gleneagles Court, Brighton Road, Crawley, RH10 6AD Registered Charity No. 4 0 obj endstream B Administration. CONSTITUTION OF THE FINZEAN COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION Draft 02 May NAME 1. INDEMNITY 25 39. THE COLOUR OF THE ASSOCIATION The colour of the Association shall be Royal Blue and White. endobj 1094699, Company No. ARTICLE I—NAME The name of this organization shall be the Angoon Community Association, hereinafter called the Community. June 2008 Adopted 12 th. ��3p�C���&�_� �&g�9v�0?R��#��Gq��e�c�%�x>��2�@y2���n���x2,�r2� �b�)�����LA�hR��Fx2ރP� ��s��ކ�*&�DPe;&�,);��(�)]���6�a�|���e�I���SZ�k��t�h>�5̴����`I*M��E��;,�%���U��R1q����{,��ˉg���)�[���X�.�%�X&O'�lj^"���P��X�Vfկ������ �����~Slj��Lj���\o�DD��ޯꍻ_�`���'�~Ul��ܺ��B��ϳ�h�g���Hm2>O)H����=�,�] �*N0��[g�aG��k�=�;g��m����� Y���&]����?NɞK �x0隆#�npEƉD΃k�R�CFc�( /E[�_�V�ι�l%u�*��$�R�$׮�T��n�[���JIk�N �]L��L0���cͅ�Ï*Q�K�;�f���#r�WxEt�������T The Association will strive to: a) Keep … Section 2: Each member association shall have to fill a membership application form provided by the network and shall be represented by an individual at general assemblies of the network. 1. (r) do all such other lawful things as shall further the charitable objects of the Association. ,6c��j�2Q�eyĢ`m��*��,�c��eŪϊ����m)X �C鳧�v��G�7��b�y Area The Association covers the following defined geographical area: 3. This document is aimed at serving as a model constitution and may not be applicable to all specific circumstances. 9 0 obj 2 Definitions 2 . The aims of the Association are: a) To represent the interests of, and promote membership to all the residents within the defined area. 4.5.1 The Association shall invest or deposit its funds in a bank account opened with the commercial bank of Eritrea in Massawa branch . 2. 4.5.2 All cash monies of the Association must be kept in a safe. 10 0 obj … STATUS AND COMPLIANCE OF CLUB 24 37. 4488714 Company No. Title Battery Point Community Association Incorporated Constitution Description Update of Constitution of Battery Point and Sullivans Cove Community Association (14/10/1998) to reflect new name, include electronic services and to clarify section intent Created By Battery Point and Sullivans Cove Community Association Date Created 18/08/2016 c) Coordinates and seeks additional funding, beyond EEC budget, for all large events, and will assist other programming officers in applying for funding from non-GSC funding sources. <> 2. 2 RICARDO WYNGAARD ATTORNEYS 1. After additional discussion, the Chair will call a second vote. 108 of 1997: 5.1.1 Chapter 1: Sections 4 which outlines conditions for provision of water Article 2: Objects 1. 14 0 obj NAME The name of the charity shall be South Oxford Community Association (hereinafter called "the Association"). OBJECTIVES OF THE ASSOCIATION … 11.8 Adjourned Meetings: If within half an hour after the time … Note: may also initiate additional large events and/or coordinate with individual officers to expand the scope of an officer initiated event. <> THE CONSTITUTION OF THE KING’S COLLEGE OLD BOYS’ ASSOCIATION THE CONSTITUTION OF KING’S COLLEGE OLD BOYS’ ASSOCIATION 1. CONSTITUTION OF THE HEENE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION adopted on the 25 day of September 2019 1. 2. 3. x���Ko�8����(�! B�{mR$�%s�(��}i��`�8�. endobj endobj <> The Liberian Community Association Of Connecticut Sunday 22 nd. • “AGM” means an Annual General Meeting. endobj Article I: Name State the name Article II: Purpose What are the aims of the organization How will the organization function For whom does the organize exist Whom does it benefit Article III: Membership Ishmael Walters James Lorde . 11 0 obj REGULATIONS 23 36. The name of the Association shall be the Finzean Community Association (“the Association”). Heritage Community Association Inc. Constitution and Bylaws – DRAFT June 2020 (b) In case of a tie of the votes at any annual or special Meeting of Members, whether by a show of hands, ballot or virtual poll, the Chair will facilitate additional discussion on the question. <> ARTICLE II—MEMBERSHIP SECTION 1. 9. endobj 4 0 obj stream D. All new members of Egba Progressive Association, Inc. are required by this constitution to pay a non refundable fee of Three Hundred Dollars($300.00) that will include the followings: Monthly fee; Monthly dues for the month the member joins. 5 The Committee 4 . CONSTITUTION OF SOUTH OXFORD COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION adopted on the 12th day of November 2008 1. OBJECTS 2. Model Constitution for a Community Based Organisation Page 2 as a Water Services Provider Version 1 (April 2001) 5.1 This constitution is subject to the following sections of the Water Services Act No. endobj 12 0 obj OBJECTIVES. endobj Nansledan Community Association - Dated: 7 March 2018. 1 0 obj Professional assistance should be obtained before acting on any of the information in this document. 4.5.3 The Treasurer of the Association shall be allowed to keep petty cash not <> G� (p�e�'���m�ض#�ߛ.s�Yj��nw�r�΀PYǓrOd����،an:J��q&T�I-��I����#{�k�{J~p�ՙ>���� B�u! x��\[s�6~�����&���G3��4�L�n�ng��eђ��RT����s@R"a+��Ll�"�sù|8��mY���NJ��\�VU����뻢��O�]?��ɮH�����¿8�8sY��'X�s'��./~��//�./��pƹ�������vg"�8aw"�>�Ǿ���V�̖x��o//~��o��ˋ{9�?//,๮��8����8��"��g^��&i���c�?�꿟�������c\�̅|�EA�]Y�>���0�$�w�x$?ģ��\Чw�o��}x3NF���=����x��|���7��?���w�E��=�N��/��ظZ>�Y?‡�w��`� �����p�D�����+:� C'���;a�! CONSTITUTION . <> (q) affiliate to the National Federation of Community Organisations (Community Matters) and to other organisations with similar charitable objects. OBJECTS The objects of the Association are to: (a) Promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the area of benefit without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, nationality, age, … 1 Name and formation of Association 2 . _____ 2. <> endobj %PDF-1.5 CONSTITUTION OF BRANCEPETH COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 1. 3 Objects and Purposes of Association 2 . Page 5 of 5 Additionally, Committee members shall also be expected to honour the content and spirit of the following extra code elements: • Manage conflicts of interest effectively – registering, declaring and resolving conflicts of interest. Model Constitution for Residents’ Associations 1. The objects of the Association shall be to: 1. CONSTITUTION ASSOCIATION OF THE PALESTINIAN COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM Article 1: Name An Association is hereby established to be known as the ASSOCIATION OF THE PALESTINIAN COMMUNITY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM (hereafter referred to as "The Association"). <> NAME The name of the charity is Southwick Community Association (hereinafter called “the (c)Association”). "=���\����4٢�T�p�����Y����癁�D�$�s as .. ~ommunal property associations in order to acquire; hold.arid .. manage property on a basis agreed to by members of a community in ternis of a written constitution; and to provide for matters connected therewith. Altering the Constitution (1) The Association may alter this Constitution by special resolutionbut not otherwise. endobj x��ے�������J�� &W������hS��+�Z�AZ�"%~мO��_1 ɵKU"3�ǿ�g|ȿ�?��l�������u��vզ��]�wM����_�?�<=���!/���hTהŮi��~�ѲaÍ��n�t�G#�������n�^��vW��Ѵm����M�Y��?�惉�_�y������m�)�.���?��wC����}���m�������|���U�{�����]�W���ۿ��o��d�l��h�][ב[e��՟���/��h����;䯺���^��E�����D����a�Z�嶁�IA����TU�u'j�>8����-���� d�Iټ��z���1�銪�um�]u�m7���umwz�o��R��vb� 4��Z���0r#@w^}~e�6�t}�݂��v~�y���WF��u�zr���}�J����&Ķ�G��4"��z���;��1Cכ�vʿ���^M�������*��!b����� <> %��������� Sample constitution for small voluntary organisations Page 2 You can type into this Word document, removing CIB’s ‘header and adding your own, in order to create … Anything Community Group Constitution 1) NAME The name of the group shall be the Anything Community Group, hereafter referred to as the Group. Association Preamble The residents of St Bernards wish to accept the donation of the properties on which they live from the Diocese of Marianhill. Part 3 – Members Division 1 - Membership . <> 3 Powers of Association 3 . NOTICE 24 38. Onslow Residents’ Community Association – Constitution – June 2020 7 115 Only Committee Members present at a Committee Meeting may vote at that Committee Meeting. stream 2 0 obj stream <>>> 7 0 obj 6 Committee Meetings 5 . CONSTITUTION adopted on the 19th September, 2009 A Name. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> 11.7 The Chair/President or nominee shall adjourn the meeting if necessary. Shelthorpe Community Association Constitution and Code of Conduct 1) Name The name of the Association shall be Shelthorpe Community Association. 1250). NAME The name of the charity is the St George Community Association (hereinafter called “the Association”) 2. ��9��t��ߋ��o�)���>6f� �r�+����7�9b���9bj�7`�m������ދ�-�f&���>�e��BF".D�N]D�~՝��F��X�f?E��b��@?��U*�����$�u�y�] ��0ޙ6c��e���M�*�1 ��k�:h����Q��3��N. • Not to gain materially or financially unless specifically authorised to do so. The area covered by the Association is the Council Ward of Shelthorpe, area map attached. constitution and by-laws in accordance with and by authority of, the Acts of Congress of June 18, 1934 (48 Stat. Constitution of [Colmonell Community Association] In this constitution, the following definitions apply throughout: • “2005 Act” means the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 and every statutory modification and re-enactment thereof for the time being in force. 11.6 Subject to these Rules, the Committee may regulate its own procedures. This Constitution was adopted as the Constitution of the Highbury Community Association at a public meeting duly convened at Aubert Court Community Centre on 4 August 1997 and amended by Resolution of the AGM in 1998 and further amended by Resolution of the AGM in … 4488714 Model Constitution Template: Unincorporated Community Group (Guidance notes should be deleted once final version has been agreed) NAME The name of the Group shall be _____ *The name of the group should be simple … SAMPLE CONSTITUTION The constitution of an organization contains the rules that govern the actions and activities of the group. Download or preview 4 pages of PDF version of Club constitution template (DOC: 256.9 KB | PDF: 433.9 KB ) for free. CLAUSE NO DESCRIPTION PAGE NO . 7 Committee Business 6 .