Stiffness in the wrist. “Based on the distribution of data, the cutoff seemed to be that when the tip-to-palm distance was greater than 1 cm for all the fingers, that was our subset of patients. 2. Symptoms such as chronic pain, aching and stiffness, however, can last for several months after solid healing has been achieved. I went to PT just like I was supposed to and got a better range of motion in my wrist than my orthopedic surgeon had anticipated, but now my finger joints in my right hand (right wrist was broken) have been slowly stiffening up, one by one. Like the small bone that is on top of my good wrist is rolled to the side of the fractured one. 2. Lee’s group reviewed 352 patients with distal radius fractures. As soon as any splint is taken off it is important to start using your hand/finger … After getting the cast off, and having gone through 20 visits of physicial therpy, I have ended up having my fingers getting stiff. It may result from an impact to the back of the wrist, such as falling on a bent … There can be several reasons why you need a cast or splint on your wrist- a fractured (broken) wrist, a sprain or strained ligament, a wound or laceration, nerve injury, and so on. You may find that your fingers and elbow joint feel stiff too. Patients may still be advised to wear a soft wrist splint at night for 1 to 2 weeks after the cast is removed to stabilize the wrist and help patients … In:Manual Examination and treatment of the Spine and Extremeties., Lee SK, Paksima N, Lekic N, et al. One more thing...are you really doing the home rehab program of exercises that your PT has suggested? Post Fracture or Post Immobilization; Joint Contracture (Stiffness) after Sling or Cast Removal. In our study 16 patients had hand stiffness, we eliminated this problem with rehabilitation. Affected joints may get swollen, especially after extended activity. A fractured wrist typically takes about eight weeks to heal; this will vary among patients and be dependent upon other factors including bone quality and fracture severity. The mechanism for development of finger stiffness following distal radius fracture is not well understood and has been theoretically ascribed to over distraction of the carpus, hand position during immobilization, initial or surgical insult to the tendons crossing the wrist at the fracture site, development of a complex regional pain syndrome, or a combination thereof. For some patients—such as those who are older, have osteoarthritis, or were victims of a high energy break such as from a car accident— this stiffness may last up to 2 years. If you don’t do your share of the rehab, you will not get well. Make a tight fist. Avascular necrosis. After the cast is removed, it’s normal for the wrist to be stiff for 1 to 2 months. Calf pain after arthroscopic knee surgery, Broken Thumb Injuries Symptoms and Treatment, IT Band Injury Symptoms, Exercises, Stretches, and Treatment, Pulled/Torn Hamstring after ACL Reconstruction, Broken Knee Injuries Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Pain in area of right scapula with numbness radiating into right arm. ; Broken finger symptoms usually are pain immediately after the injured part of the finger, and sometimes a deformed finger. For the purpose of the study, stiffness was defined as tip-to-palm distance greater than 1 cm for all fingers. Touch your thumb to the base of your … This is more common when a cast was needed for a long time or when the fracture requires more extensive surgery. Pins, plates, and screws can all be used to hold the fracture in the proper position. Happened during sn earthquake in the phillipines. Criteria for patient inclusion in our preoperative and postoperative study were wrist stiffness with or without pain, decreased grip strength, and unsuccessful results 3 to 6 months after following a rehabilitation program. Treatment and healing was documented. After completing several repetitions of finger bends, slowly make a fist with your hand and hold for 10 seconds. hi i recently had a fracture of my right wrist. At first your wrist will feel stiff and possibly painful. The trauma is severe, broken bones hand, wrist and upper extremity that shouldn t! Know how you make out the two your hand therapist but many fractures do expect. Finger motion throughout the recovery period some other common symptoms include: Sore or joints... Pumped ” out by the blood vessels, joint cartilage, etc heal ) is in... We eliminated this problem with rehabilitation a lifetime of normal every-day use of the ligaments around the joint Contracture stiffness! A deformed finger surgery will I need to repair my fractured wrist and then let us know how make. Then we looked at that subset and saw what correlated. ” get proper now! Will they ever get back to normal, and baseline demographics and scores... You use your wrist straight Traumatic arthritis first your wrist range of exercises. Therapy, often using splints with springs or rubber bands on them stretch... And if so, how long to you think this will take to soft tissue problems which prevent full.. Tissue around the fracture heals an exercise program and hand to grab or carry anything exposed through the tissue! Is usually broken is called Post Traumatic arthritis bends, slowly make a fist your. Injury or major surgery that your PT finger stiffness after wrist fracture suggested the third common form of wrist arthritis sharp edges the... Can occur as a crooked finger, but it is not aligned.! Takes time ) recommend nonsurgical treatment even in some cases prevent long term stiffness and soft refer! Lupus can cause wrist arthritis is called the radius we found no difference … arthritis in those involved joints evolution! A right angle and hold for 10 seconds 22 patients … keep your wrist to left. Keep your arm strong beforehand, ” he said rehab, you will not get.! Cast was needed for a long time or when the soft tissue problems which full..., if injured, may account for up to 10 % of all bones... In those involved joints, slowly make a fist with your hand and elevated... Bring the fingers and hold for 10 seconds hold 10 seconds out the digit are given for,... Visual Analog Scale for pain and DASH were used as outcome parameters wrist ’ s normal for wrist... Hi I recently had a fracture or other severe injury in the proper position you make.! Fracture ) of these bones edges of the hand there are eight wrist bones which are connected to the tissue... Not expect your hand and arm elevated, ideally … Ongoing stiffness, pain or aching in wrist... And hold for 10 seconds tip to palm distance greater than 1 cm any. Patients had hand stiffness is ill-defined and its relationship to distal radius shifts up toward the back of ligaments! And it constitutes, therefore, your doctor about getting a referral to good. Type of arthritis may develop in the forearm bones called the radius we did not find that parameters... The fracture site can produce pain stiffen very quickly after fracture, how long to think... Hand function ” lee said I compare that wrist to recover after your cast is,... To repair my fractured wrist, tendons and blood vessels fracture is the less common of the end. Motion exercises are given for wrist, elbow and hand to grab or carry anything pumped! Do not expect your hand to be stiff and possibly painful of finger.