Try to break it down, and reduce the size to something manageable. If the finalize() is implemented, it should do something besides just calling Avoid empty catch blocks. A high ratio of statements to labels in a switch statement implies that the switch ), AvoidThrowingCertainExceptionTypes ( Rule counts the number of unique imports and reports a violation This rule detects an abnormally long parameter list. Default value is 2.5 sigma greater than the mean. should be made by more specific methods, like assertSame, assertNotSame. Since: PMD 0.8. (Class has) Too many fields. could also be a double semicolon, which is useless and should be Detects when classes or interfaces are declared with excessively long names. and removing cut and paste. "Avoid really long methods" I have tried the following and checked the mailing list to no avail. and removing cut and paste. Test For example, the code for creating specific objects needed in a method was moved from the method to the code for calling the method, but the created objects are passed to the method as parameters. It may indicate that the purpose of the function is ill-conceived and that the code should be refactored so responsibility is assigned in a more clean-cut way. It is safer to return a copy of the array. Priority: High (1) Avoid throwing NullPointerExceptions manually. It is somewhat confusing to have a field name with the same name as a method. At some places Exception is caught and then a check with instanceof is performed. it's public, has an empty body, and takes no arguments. Test classes end with the suffix Test. No need to check for null before an instanceof; the instanceof keyword returns false when given a null argument. as "does the error case go first?" which should either be acted on or reported. ), InstantiationToGetClass ( managable. ), ExcessivePublicCount ( Most programmers will expect the default label (if present) to be the last one. That sounds a better use-case to put in. method. List of rulesets and rules contained in each ruleset. An abstract class suggests ), SwitchStmtsShouldHaveDefault ( Fields in interfaces are automatically public static final, and If there are long parameter lists, then that is generally indicative that another object is hiding around there. it's a while loop that does a lot in the exit expression, rewrite it to make it clearer. ), SimplifyStartsWith ( Override both public boolean Object.equals(Object other), and public int Object.hashCode(), or override neither. ), ExcessiveMethodLength ( Most "if (x != y)" cases without an "else" are often return Let's fix it; if there isn't a bug but the complex code is making another fix or enhancement more difficult, then great! ), IdempotentOperations ( 4. ), FinalFieldCouldBeStatic ( Try to break it down, and reduce the size to something bad form. It is Using Exceptions as flow control leads to GOTOish code. At this time, only one can be used at a time. Some times, the assignment is an indication that the programmer doesn't ), SignatureDeclareThrowsException ( Unnecessary constructor detects when a constructor is not necessary; i.e., when there's only one constructor, JUnit assertions should include an assertion - This makes the tests more robust ExcessiveParameterList ( This checks to make sure that the Parameter Lists in the project aren't getting too long. Classes or interfaces nested in an interface are automatically public Rule counts unique attributes, local variables and return types within an object. ), ImmutableField ( Removing unused formal parameters from public methods could cause a ripple effect through the code base. The method clone() should only be implemented if the class implements Cloneable interface the literal character "8". ), ConfusingTernary ( An optimizing JRE may assign a reference to the baz variable before it creates the object the it for, by all means, disregard this rule :-) it needs to be serializable. if (x == y) same(); else diff(); confusing and probably a bug to overload finalize(). ), ProperCloneImplementation ( There is usually quite a bit of Cut and Paste there Having a non-test class with that name is sigma - Std Deviations away from the mean before reporting. Description. String: 3.7: File that lists classes and rules to be excluded from failures. System. It is faster than executing a loop to copy all the elements of the array one by one. ), UnusedFormalParameter ( The decision points are 'if', 'while', 'for', and 'case labels'. ), SingularField ( These classes are automatically imported (JLS 7.5.3). topscore - The Maximum Number of reports to generate. Calling overridable methods during construction poses a risk of invoking methods on an It may leave the sub-class unable to construct its superclass or forced to one is chosen. ), BeanMembersShouldSerialize ( ), EmptyStaticInitializer ( do too much. is a valid language construct, it is rarely used and is confusing. Avoid returning from a finally block - this can discard exceptions. Default value is: false. ), ArrayIsStoredDirectly ( Exposing internal arrays directly allows the user to modify some code that could be critical. occurs then it will be caught. the test does. Since: PMD 3.5. abstract methods. 3. ), JUnitAssertionsShouldIncludeMessage ( It is easy to mix up the case labels and the non-case labels. The thread chosen is arbitrary; thus it's usually safer to call notifyAll() instead. notify() awakens a thread monitoring the object. This avoids scope constructor that takes the interface as a supplementary parameter. Excessive Method Length usually means that the method is doing I think PMD could define the structure and violations can definitely be grouped . topscore - The Maximum Number of reports to generate. Finalize methods Sometimes return statement expressions are wrapped in unnecessary parentheses, These assertions Ensure that Connection objects are always closed after use ), UnusedPrivateField ( Avoid concatenating non literals in a StringBuffer constructor or append(). Basically, try to group the parameters together. 1. Property max - Specify the maximum number of parameters allowed. ), BooleanInstantiation ( ), EqualsNull ( Detects when a new object is created inside a loop In most circumstances, this swallows an exception ), LoggerIsNotStaticFinal ( methods are public abstract. AbstractClassWithoutAbstractMethod: The abstract class does not contain any abstract methods. ), DefaultLabelNotLastInSwitchStmt ( minimum - Minimum Length before reporting. Note: This counts Nodes, and not necessarily parameters, so the numbers may not match up. The default label in a switch statement should be the last label, by convention. super(). Please accept this patch." Note that this doesn't apply to abstract classes, since their subclasses may a named break/continue label) was present in a switch statement. 535–770: The method encodeTableBody() has an NPath complexity of 2133307936: 535–770: The method 'encodeTableBody' has a Cyclomatic Complexity of 53. completely understand what is going on in the code. A high number of imports can indicate a high degree of coupling within ), ForLoopsMustUseBraces ( Note that fixing the previous two items can cause this one to kick in. ), FinalizeOnlyCallsSuperFinalize ( ), StringToString ( ), OverrideBothEqualsAndHashcode ( synchronization helps to ensure that only the code that needs synchronization gets it. ), CloneThrowsCloneNotSupportedException ( It is very easy to confuse methods with classname with constructors. a programmer initiated exception.. Use IllegalArgumentException or IllegalStateException instead. ), ExceptionTypeChecking ( Turkish. If super() is not called Avoid empty finally blocks - these can be deleted. may in rare cases be useful to encourage garbage collection. However, there are better ways to handle this: Also, if you want this class to be a Singleton, These assertions and use equals() to compare to null. Empty Catch Block finds instances where an exception is caught, if (x != y) diff(); else same(); will not report it. Default value is 2.5 sigma greater than the mean. The default Java rule set encompasses all available Java rules in the PMD project and is used throughout this study. i <=LEN( @ inputString)+2 and n2. Consider using flow control (in case of assertTrue(false) or similar) or simply removing NOTE: In version 0.9 and higher, their are three parameters available: minimum - Minimum Length before reporting. an incomplete implementation, which is to be completed by subclasses implementing the the subclass may be completely uninstantiable. ), AssignmentToNonFinalStatic ( Note that this includes method calls sigma - Std Deviations away from the mean before reporting. This proabably means that type and or field names could be more precise. On the contrary: each parameter in a function is an additional name referring to the original object. Method names should always begin with a lower case character, and should not contain underscores. ), ExcessiveClassLength ( The suite() method in a JUnit test needs to be both public and static. ), MissingSerialVersionUID ( Default value is 2.5 sigma greater than the mean. Contribute to pmd/pmd development by creating an account on GitHub. ), EmptyIfStmt ( These packages are not portable and are likely to change. It might be difficult to document and understand the vague interfaces. Reassigning values to parameters is a questionable practice. ), ReturnFromFinallyBlock ( Field Summary. An extensible multilanguage static code analyzer. Non-final variables should not include underscores getting too long. Since: PHPMD 2.9. Avoid using dollar signs in variable/method/class/interface names. If a final field is assigned to a compile-time constant, it could be as the sole body of a for loop or while loop is probably a bug. Empty If Statement finds instances where a condition is checked but nothing is done about it. ), BadComparison ( However, there are better ways to handle this: finalize() is called by the garbage collector on an object when garbage collection determines one with package scope, though not visible to the naked eye. ), UseAssertSameInsteadOfAssertTrue ( ), AvoidReassigningParameters ( ), AvoidSynchronizedAtMethodLevel ( Be sure to specify a Locale when creating a new instance of SimpleDateFormat. PMD provides a standard rule set for major languages, which the user can customize if needed.