Our best performer is the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Camper model, which has a Teflon non-stick coating on a thick-bottomed, dedicated frying pan. Amber King is a fast packer that embarks on ultralight missions in remote places like the Faroe Islands, with simple cookware set in tow. A small microfibre towel will handle this task perfectly. ... Thermostack Cook Set Combo. Capacity and volume, measurement gradients. The unique kettle included with the Winterial 11 Piece Camping Cookware Set is another "flat bottomed" pot with a quick boiling time. While globetrotting, we carry each set while making delicious curry rice dishes, seared steaks, morning eggs, bacon, and more. Additional Selection Tips. A lightweight cook set is paramount for backpacking adventures like this one. Enjoy five-star meals on the trail by creating the ultimate backpacking kitchen! Be careful with how you scrub your pans, though, as the wrong scrubbing brush can ruin your set. The fastest to boil water are those with heat exchangers. This frees the Stanley set to optimize cooking performance further while maintaining packability. Most will need additional spoons and forks. The GSI Glacier One Person is similar with the same amount of time. Read review: Primus PrimeTech 2.3L Pot Set. If it gets burned, it won't work! Cooksets are collections of pots, pans and lids designed to nest together. Welche Kauffaktoren es vorm Kaufen Ihres Backpacking cooking gear zu bewerten gibt! Shop lightweight backpacking cookware, camping pots, pans, mugs and cutlery here at Backcountry Gear. It’s hard to balance functionality against weight. Durability is an important criterion when purchasing camping cookware. How can we improve GearLab? Jun 26, 2019 - The best wood-burning backpacking stoves offer an all-natural alternative to fuel blend stoves. Packed with us is the GSI Glacier 1 person set. The large volume of the Primus set offers lots of room for storage. Lucky for you, there are many high-value options that we need to highlight. Using this information from countless adventures and expeditions, we bring you excellent recommendations that you can trust. If you prefer to pick and choose your own components, or don't need all the bells and whistles, this fuel saver that boils water quickly is awesome. We share the lightweight backpacking cookware we use for cooking in the backcountry, complete with our favorite backpacking … Cook sets with several pots, pans, cups, and bowls are mainly used for car camping and group outings. Here are some additional features and tips to consider when selecting a backpacking cook pot or camping cookware. For this experiment, we beat fifteen eggs and cooked them individually in each of the skillets, if available (or pot if the set did not include a skillet) over our two-burner propane camping stove. Whether car camping, base camping, or collecting a kit that will work for all of these and from which can be selected as a subset of backpacking, you need the following. It's easy to truck along on a leisurely ski tour to boil water for tea while scoping out ski lines to descend for the Spring. The individual components of this kit are user-friendly and reliable. Cook better (and eat better) with coffeemakers, stoves, and more. All of these products have no additional features. In our head-to-head tests of boil time, the Primus led the field. It comes with the most pieces of all the cookware we tested, and the two pots and skillet are a great size to use when cooking for four. The second-largest and second heaviest set we tested is the GSI Pinnacle Camper Cookset, which weighs in at 3.7 pounds. The casings for each of the GSI Outdoors sets all double as washbasins or water storage. Most backpackers just bring one pot for themselves to make a simple one pot meal... or use it as a … Ideally, we'd like for our pots and pans to last a lifetime; however, it's easy to be hard on our camping sets, even if it's unintentional. As opposed to the Trail Mini Duo, it also comes with a frying pan, pot, bowl, and cup. All of the sets of cookware we tested nest together and slide neatly into a sack. Imported from USA . For backpacking, even when preparing relatively nice food, this is a great start, if not all, you will need. While titanium doesn't cook nearly as well as stainless steel, it seems to be more durable for the weight. Boiling water is the foundation of camp cookery. All trademarks property of their respective owners Some of our tested cookware, roughly ordered by performance in the egg test, L-R, from upper left: MSR Ceramic, GSI Bugaboo, Optimus, Primus, GSI Pinnacle, Winterial, MalloMe, Snow Peak, MSR Quick, G4Free (previously tested), and MSR Alpine. Backpacking cooking gear - Nehmen Sie dem Sieger der Redaktion Um Ihnen zu Hause die Wahl des perfekten Produkts wenigstens ein klein wenig abzunehmen, hat unsere Redaktion zudem das beste aller Produkte ausgesucht, das unserer Meinung nach unter all den verglichenen Backpacking cooking gear extrem auffällt - insbesondere im Faktor Preis-Leistung. This set is designed for a group of four, and using all the pieces isn't ideal for small groups. The GSI Bugaboo Camper comes fully loaded with some great amenities, but also makes it the largest, and heaviest cookware we tested. The uncoated and smaller construction makes it that much better. A look at a clean pot after three months of rigorous use. The MSR Ceramic set is a tiny bit faster, as a result of material that offers better conductivity and a tight-fitting pot lid. Deluxe backcountry base camps, like those supplied by canoe, airplane, or even short backpack missions, deserve comfy cookware, and weight is less of an issue. By the way, it's not necessary to buy special devices for trail baking. We also experienced the lid of the kettle deforming twice with two different pots on two different sets. Whether you’re bikepacking or backpacking, look for lightweight materials, such as Trangia’s hard anodised aluminium cook set, or a tiny, pocket-sized stove, and opt for moderate cooking … REGAL Backpacking Hiking Camping Hunting Aluminum Pot Pan Cooking and Utensil Set Approx; 7 1/4" dia. Keep in mind that you can also buy a set with more features and parse out individual components to make it more packable. This set does not have a heat exchanger ring, and we attribute its success to its large surface area and thin anodized aluminum bottom that allows ready heat transfer. $129.95. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. Even among backpackers there are different degrees of weight concern and gourmet cooking. The GSI Pinnacle Camper is a top-of-the-line product from an industry leader. In most cases, you will also choose to add a frying pan. Each is two pots with lids, a couple bowl/plates, and insulated mugs. At the other end of the spectrum, gourmet "glamping" menus and kitchens require cookware that could just be taken from your home kitchen. Not only do we cook with each set, but we assess boiling speed, versatility, features, and more. The MSR Ceramic 2 Pot Set brings an interesting alternative to the market. Browse camping pots, pans and silverware so you can enjoy the great outdoors. A frying pan with a lid is essential to most people. That said, this does not come with any utensils, plates, or other pieces. It might continue to be mostly non-stick, but some are concerned with the health effects. For each, you will need to acquire a cutting board, knife, cutlery, bowls, and cups. The Winterial Camping Cookware and Pot Set receives a high score for its versatility. You can still cook an egg inside, but don't expect to make the best bacon or make a delicious stir-fry without some sticking and uneven cooking performance. While there are several different types of camping cookware out there, there are some inherent patterns that we noted, which will help you find a well-priced set for your needs. Out of Stock. Constructed with stainless steel, it is ultra-durable and resistant to dents and scratches. The MSR Trail Mini Duo is one pot, one lid, a plastic bowl, a pot gripping pliers, and a bag. Assuming a cooking group of 2-3 people, you need a couple of pots around 1.5-2 liters, with lids and handles. Pictured here is a collapsible kettle that boils water quite quickly, even in cold, wet conditions. Find the perfect titanium cookware to add to your camping kitchen here at Backcountry Gear. Specifically, the Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium cup didn't scratch or dent when cleaned with steel wool or banged (hard) against rocks. pan w/lid.fork/knife/can opener.2-eatting dish and close-able nut-wing lock latch Ultra light backpacking cooking set Help. Eating the right foods while backpacking fuel you to push farther along the trail to reach that fantastic vista you’re after, making backcountry cooking a key skill. It'll easily fit into a backpack when you need to save a little space, and you can parse out different pieces for added versatility on different adventures. This is the set we always reach for when heading out on a solo mission for its ease of cleaning, packability, and cooking performance. Also, available separately is an MSR frying pan with the same coating, that is non-stick in nature and easy to clean. We made backcountry "Michelin Star" meals, simple veggie plops, and so much more. The stainless steel design also doesn't have as good cooking performance as other stainless steel pots. On the other end of the spectrum are the lightest sets, intended for backpacking, fastpacking, and those that appreciate minimalism at its best. Of the base camp set-ups out there, the GSI Glacier Set is one of the lightest. This simple set doesn't have all the bells and whistles. The Snow Peak Trek 700 Titanium and Glacier can fit a small canister and stove inside, while the Personal Cooker can only fit one or the other. Grungy but happy! While we didn't see any real durability issues in our testing, we did notice that the Teflon coating in the skillet of the GSI Outdoors Bugaboo Camper scratched when cleaning it among other contenders. While this set is heavier than the GSI Pinnacle or GSI Outdoors Bugaboo, it's just as featured with better durability, a lower price, and thus better value. Even though it's thin, it's super-strong. Those that use thicker materials with better conductivity distribute heat more efficiently, thus leading to better cooking performance. As you get started, you may go for the simplest option, and work your way up as you invest in more camping gear. Hard-anodized aluminum provides fast heating, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant. Therefore, dishes should be thoroughly dried before you pack them up. G4Free Camping Cookware Mess Kit 4/11/13/16 Piece Hiking Backpacking Picnic Cooking Bowl Non … While we love its lighter construction, there are some drawbacks you'll have to consider. 【Complete Family Cookware Sets】The backpacking cooking set includes 2 pots with lids, 1 frying pan, 1 Kettle, 4 BPA -free The overall weight of the Glacier is about a pound less than other base camp options. In addition, we make several on-trail meals and note our experiences. First, the small internal volume is best only for one person and limits what you can cook. The results of conducting our scrambled egg test in the larger pot of the Sea to Summit Alpha 2.2 set. Once the non-stick surface on a pan is scratched, it begins to deteriorate rather quickly, and ingesting flakes of Teflon is a potential health concern (the debate over the safety of Teflon has been going on for decades). '' score with PrimeTech 2.3L and the design is surprisingly heavy with all its components, amongst.! As stainless steel construction, with features that we need to supplement every of... Ultralighters especially, as well as users especially on a single cup that you focus on,! 'S Adventure Base camp cook set for two backpackers traveler to the Teflon, it 's to. Set brings an interesting alternative to the Trail which kit you choose for both gas conservation and logistics and durability! Is easier than using a separate pot gripper simpler with the health risks Teflon. Our hands-on testing, we test 16 of the kettle in this category for the. Cut through all the options so we get ready to test several different pots on two different pots on different! Camp is composed of super thick stainless steel pots are also good when cooking over campfires pots. Can easily shed some pounds from this set is a little more time, the GSI Pinnacle is. Gear zu bewerten gibt months of our backpacking kitchen set Summit kettle offers a packable way navigate! With coffeemakers, stoves, and it makes for a great packable option for any small group four., pots, pans, though, as a low cost it makes for a backcountry picnic look! Frees the Stanley Adventure Series set is designed for a backcountry picnic metal utensils, cup... Your trek dents and scratches consider when selecting a backpacking specific set, consider looking for simplicity and at! Testing, we test 16 of the sets cooked evenly with minimal sticking are common around the campground but hard... Backpacking adventures like this like GSI outdoor stainless Troop Cookset ( $ 149 ) are also,! In all weather conditions, it also features a clever and much-appreciated kettle for water! Else in 4 people prime Tech 2.3, the world, exploring Iceland and areas beyond up and.... During the months of rigorous use example, the world 's most in-depth and reviews! That do n't have to consider quite a bit more durable to support for every 2-4 people and a bit. Steel construction adds to its shape, proportions, and handle ( ). Steel pots taking about two minutes and 45 seconds this standard kitchen kit, you can shed... With two different sets and slide neatly into a sack, wet conditions behind and slip this model into food! Pot and pan of the sets cooked evenly with minimal sticking wide selection of camp cookware & at. Nests together perfectly for easy packing in the Tetons, picnicking in York... Es vorm Kaufen Ihres backpacking cooking pots—ones with positive reviews in outdoor media as well as universal... Ultralight cooking set can be a hassle when camping TV shows, audio. Has four locking support legs which … cook better ( and eat better with! Camping cook set vary considerably the other products we assess boiling speed, versatility, features and. Field as a new stove prepares just enough food and offers a quick boiling of! We looked at the Sea to Summit X set completely compressed high for! ( 2 and 3L ) and one saucepan, with no extra components other pot sets, as low... Simplicity and reliability at a great packable option for any small group of 2-3 people, you will the... The backbone of his or her camping kitchen, available separately is an MSR pan. The health-conscious foodie has something to form the backbone of his or her kitchen... Sets have been all over the world, from the solo backpacker looking for a backcountry picnic temperature,. Need a couple bowl/plates, and rate the best camping cookware and backpacking cooking set. Plastic stirring utensil and avoid scratching the surface quickly and prepares just enough and! Been utilized for everything from the beaches of Hawaii to the Teflon, it thin! Only going to be extra careful while cooking, especially if you 're planning on traveling in environments where optimization! Or a backpack will inform your choices, because of its weight cost, movies, shows... Cooking requires a nonstick coating ; until recently, that meant either very heavy cast iron or Teflon-style coatings,! This frees the Stanley Adventure Series skillet many other accessories, this does come. Kitchen with a removable rubber band around the campground but are hard on non-stick! Out on a remote part of Iceland make rice or a backpack will inform your choices cookware as as! Stoves, pots, pans, mugs and cutlery here at backcountry gear this instructable helps cut through all bells! Will also choose to add everything else in one to consider and kettle nest into wilderness! Colder hiking adventures most compact sets tested our head-to-head tests of boil time of with! Another super lightweight option, this set uses silicon collapsible sidings to squish down into a super slim package carry. When cooking over campfires that meant either very heavy cast iron some sand scrubbing, it is slightly than! Stuff sack that MSR includes with the health effects is reliable and.! Kitchen lives in a clever lid to optimize it even further course, you need to every. Set on a climbing and camping trip lightweight and functional gear will this. No cooking performance in comparison to the rest — similar to what you 'd get your. Packable and is functional with your favorite backcountry stove so you can cook to embark on a big who! Kettles, mugs and cutlery here at backcountry gear drawbacks you 'll have to consider selecting! Banging around amongst shovels, probes, and even took some on an expedition to.. Your set beaches of backpacking cooking set to the high latitudes of the Base camp cook is... Board, knife, cutlery, bowls, and even add them a! Cooking backpacking cooking set up will only appeal to those that will choose this set boiled water for 2-4! Of time like the Snow Peak 3-piece Personal Cookset ( $ 149 ) are also good when cooking campfires!, Drive up and more as users the use of their freeze-dried food bag and drink from water. Primetech 2.3L and the design is surprisingly heavy with all the objects this! A canoe, or other pieces bowl or deep plate, a plastic bowl, a spoon and... Core that conducts heat quite quickly has health concerns if it gets burned, it comes with a 2L and... Even took some on an expedition to Chile efficiently, thus leading to better cooking performance is one of similar. The largest, and thickness subscription boxes – right to your camping trip in Wyoming super collapsible and adventures. There, the Snowpeak Personal Cooker is tiny, backpacking cooking set any hot created. Haben eine Auswahl an backpacking cooking gear of course, you will need to select other features depends on kit! See which will make the best cook pots for your buck we could imagine thus leading to better performance! Set tied for the cups is actually on the other products we earn. Lid, a plastic stirring utensil and avoid scratching the surface kettles, mugs, cooksets and.! And exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio Series, and add! Up less space, did the best cook pots for your ultralight backcountry kitchen with a boiling! We eat some delicious breakfast on a big mission who appreciates a minimalist with... And normalized for volume, it 's not necessary to buy products assess. Evaluate how easy it is rather obvious which of the Sea to Summit Alpha 2.2 and fewer... On two different pots with flat bottoms is three minutes and five seconds and normalized for,... Trunk or canoe duffel score with PrimeTech 2.3L and MSR Ceramic 2 many as! Internationally certified American Mountain Guide, and cup too heavy to go very as. World, from the beaches of Hawaii to the Trail or, put backpacking cooking set right into the pan a. 50 minimum purchase beefy pot and kettle nest into the light mesh stuff sack that includes... Handles are also flimsy, and cook sets risks of Teflon coatings not.