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The Colquhon brothers who were commanded by Benedict Arnold to bring André from the sloop-of-war Vulture to shore, as well as Major Keirs, under whose supervision the boat was obtained, were exonerated from all suspicion. JJ Feild was born on April 1, 1978 in Boulder, Colorado, USA as John Joseph Feild. Having left a mother and two sisters in England, he was heard to mention them in terms of the tenderest affection, and in his letter to Sir Henry Clinton, he recommended them to his particular attention. André offered them his horse and watch, if they would let him go, but they declined. So in 1775, when the Second Continental Congress chose Washington as commander in chief of the Continental armi… Chester, an American genealogist who edited the "Westminster Abbey Registers", did a lot of research into the André family. If you see something that doesn't look right, contact us! – from a letter of George Washington to, "An accomplished man and gallant officer." Arnold commanded West Point and had agreed to surrender it to the British for £20,000 (approximately $3.65 million in 2018[3])—a move that would have enabled the British to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies. But when André was captured (and executed), Benedict’s treason was uncovered. Colonel J.L. In 1779, Andre was promoted to the rank of major and placed in charge of gathering intelligence for the British. Her father was a well-respected lawyer and judge; her mother was the daughter of a prominent lawyer. "use strict";(function(){var insertion=document.getElementById("citation-access-date");var date=new Date().toLocaleDateString(undefined,{month:"long",day:"numeric",year:"numeric"});insertion.parentElement.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(date),insertion)})(); Subscribe to the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. The painting now hangs in the White House.[2]. [26], The names of André's captors were John Paulding, David Williams, and Isaac Van Wert. Benjamin Rush is best known for his political activities during the American Revolution, including signing the Declaration of Independence. Among her ancestors were two mayors of Philadelphia. However, he did not attempt to pass the blame onto Arnold. Wife of American Traitor General Benedict Arnold Peggy (Margaret) Shippen was born on July 11, 1760, to one of the most prominent families in Philadelphia, which included two Philadelphia mayors and the founder of Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Shippen also introduces Arnold to the enemy. The two men conferred in the woods below Stony Point on the river's west bank until nearly dawn, after which André accompanied Arnold several miles to the Joshua Hett Smith House (Treason House) in West Haverstraw, New York, owned by Thomas Smith and occupied by his brother Joshua. [16], A religious poem was found in his pocket after his execution, written two days beforehand.[17]. He also asserted that, as a prisoner of war, he had the right to escape in civilian clothes. They were so wonderful together. The precise convergence of three dynamic forces—culture, environment, and talent—combined to produce one of the most collected figurative painters on the American art scene today. He first learned to use on-the-ground information from Native Americans and deserting French soldiers during the French and Indian War. Not a murmur or a sigh ever escaped him, and the civilities and attentions bestowed on him were politely acknowledged. André went up the Hudson River on the British sloop-of-war Vulture on Wednesday, 20 September 1780 to visit Arnold. On 29 September 1780, the board found André guilty of being behind American lines "under a feigned name and in a disguised habit" and ordered that "Major André, Adjutant-General to the British Army, ought to be considered as a Spy from the enemy, and that agreeable to the law and usage of nations, it is their opinion, he ought to suffer death. 2, 1780) was a British intelligence officer during the American Revolution.In 1779, he assumed oversight of secret intelligence for the British army and opened contact with American traitor Maj. Gen. Benedict Arnold.Andre was later captured, convicted, and hanged as … The two, however, remained in touch. André was born on 2 May 1750 in London to wealthy Huguenot parents Antoine André, a merchant from Geneva, Switzerland, and Marie Louise Girardot from Paris, France. The brothers finally agreed to row after threats by Arnold to arrest them. General Washington convened a board of senior officers to investigate the matter. Around this time, André had been negotiating with disillusioned American General Benedict Arnold. John Andre conspired with Continental Army […] On Oct. 2, 1780, British intelligence officer John Andre met his awful fate with courage, much as his American counterpart Nathan Hale met his four years earlier. He betrayed no want of fortitude, but retained a complacent smile on his countenance, and politely bowed to several gentlemen whom he knew, which was respectfully returned. He was briefly engaged to Honora Sneyd. Posted on June 1, 2014 Updated on June 1, 2014. On October 2, 1780, British officer Major John André was executed by hanging as a British spy. [19][20] Nathan Strickland,[21][22] André's executioner, who was confined at the camp in Tappan as a dangerous Tory during André's trial, was granted liberty for accepting the duty of hangman and returned to his home in the Ramapo Valley or Smith's Cove, and nothing further of him is known. At first, all went well for André since post commandant Lieutenant Colonel John Jameson decided to send him to Arnold, never suspecting that a high-ranking hero of the Revolution could be a turncoat. [citation needed] Joshua Hett Smith, who was accompanying him, left him just before he was captured. André appealed to George Washington to be executed as a gentleman by being shot rather than hanged as a "common criminal", but by the rules of war he was hanged as a spy at Tappan, New York on 2 October 1780. He lived in the home of Caleb Cope, enjoying the freedom of the town, as he had given his word not to escape. The match was somewhat controversial, in part because Peggy leaned loyalist, while Benedict was an officer in the Continental military; and because he had a reputation as a fiery, impatient man who stood accused of illegal business dealings. He was dressed in his royal regimentals and boots, and his remains, in the same dress, were placed in an ordinary coffin, and interred at the foot of the gallows; and the spot was consecrated by the tears of thousands...[18]. The note gave Arnold time to escape to the British. [4] From their position at Teller's Point they began to assail the Vulture and a longboat associated with it with rifle and musket fire. André rode on in safety until 9 a.m. on 23 September, when he came near Tarrytown, New York,[clarification needed] where armed militiamen John Paulding, Isaac Van Wart, and David Williams stopped him.[9][10]. She knows exactly whom to contact: her former lover in the English army, John Andre. The board consisted of Major Generals Nathanael Greene (the presiding officer), Lord Stirling, Arthur St. Clair, Lafayette (who cried at André's execution), Robert Howe, Steuben, Brigadier Generals Samuel H. Parsons, James Clinton, Henry Knox, John Glover, John Paterson, Edward Hand, Jedediah Huntington, John Stark, and Judge Advocate General John Laurance. Intelligence, he learned, could make the difference between victory or death. Colonel Scammel now informed him that he had an opportunity to speak, if he desired it; he raised the handkerchief from his eyes, and said, "I pray you to bear me witness that I meet my fate like a brave man." Peggy devoted herself to her children — four sons and a daughter — scrambling to ensure their financial well-being before she died of cancer on August 24, 1804. The trial contrasted with Sir William Howe's treatment of Hale some four years earlier. John Andre (1750 – 1780) joined the British Army in 1771, and was posted to Canada in 1774, on the eve of the American Revolutionary War. He is an actor and producer, known for Homicide: Life on the Street (1993), Frequency (2000) and The Mist (2007). John André (2 May 1751 – 2 October 1780) was a major in the British Army and head of its Secret Service in America during the American Revolutionary War. None of these men knew Arnold's purpose or suspected his treason; all were told that the purpose was to do good for the patriot cause. IMDb E.J. Jameson sent General George Washington the six sheets of paper carried by André, but he was unwilling to believe that Benedict Arnold could be guilty of treason. There he admitted who he really was. Andre Braugher was born on July 1, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, USA as Andre Keith Braugher. It was a tragical scene of the deepest interest. Peggy came of age during the American Revolution, in which she eventually played a significant role. The fatal hour having arrived, a large detachment of troops was paraded, and an immense concourse of people assembled; almost all our general and field officers, excepting his excellency and staff, were present on horseback; melancholy and gloom pervaded all ranks, and the scene was affectingly awful. André asked whether Tallmadge thought the situations similar; he replied, "Yes, precisely similar, and similar shall be your fate," referring to Hale having been hanged by the British as a spy.[14]. He also wrote many comic verses. When France entered war in June 1778, André left Philadelphia with his fellow troops. He was hanged as a spy by the Continental Army for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York, to the British. [1] He was educated at St Paul's School, Westminster School, and in Geneva. Peggy had three older sisters and an older brother. Shortly thereafter, on 23 September 1780, Arnold's attempt to surrender West Point to the British was uncovered with the arrest of Maj. John André (1751-1780), the British spy with whom he had plotted. This was due to an incident in which he assisted Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York to … Perhaps the most notable liaison of Peggy’s teenage years was the one she had with Major John André, a British officer who, like her, seemed to break hearts wherever he went. Observing his servant enter the room in tears, he exclaimed, "Leave me till you can show yourself more manly!" Peggy Shippen, wife of the infamous traitor Benedict Arnold, conspired with her husband to undermine the American colonists’ fight for independence from Great Britain. Jameson did not want his army career to be wrecked later for having wrongly believed that his general was a traitor. André thought that they were Tories because one was wearing a Hessian soldier's overcoat. André has been portrayed several times in film and television: by Michael Wilding as an eloquent and dignified idealist in the 1955 Hollywood film The Scarlet Coat; by JJ Feild in the TV series Turn: Washington's Spies; by Eric Joshua Davis in the TV series Sleepy Hollow; and by John Light in the movie "Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor". Benedict had become commander of West Point, a strategic fort on the Hudson River. Andre was an officer in General William Howe's command. I have just witnessed his exit. The presence of the warship was discovered by two American privates, John Peterson and Moses Sherwood the following morning on September 21. He was a great favorite in colonial society, both in Philadelphia and New York, during those cities' occupation by the British Army. Peggy married Benedict, a widower with three children, on April 8, 1779. The other son John married Louise Vazeille and had seven children. Arnold received Jameson's note while at breakfast with his officers, made an excuse to leave the room, and was not seen again. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.[27]. Peggy Shippen, wife of the infamous traitor Benedict Arnold, conspired with her husband to undermine the American colonists’ fight for independence from Great Britain. Her husband, John Andretti, was the older brother of racer Adam Andretti, nephew of Indianapolis 500 winner Mario Andretti, and first cousin to IndyCar champion Jeff Andretti, and Michael Andretti. Despite a lack of credible evidence to support this, she remains an icon of American history. Major John Andre (May 2, 1750–Oct. Margaret Shippen, known as Peggy, was born on July 11, 1760, in colonial Philadelphia, the youngest daughter in a wealthy family. Tallmadge had been a classmate of Nathan Hale while both were at Yale, and he described the capture of Hale. From the beginning of Washington’s meteoric rise, intelligence gathering helped shape his military career. It was re-dedicated in 1880 and today is located in Patriot's Park on U.S. Route 9 along the boundary between Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow in Westchester County. Instantly recovering his composure, he said, "I am reconciled to my death, but I detest the mode." They have three children. An eyewitness account of André's last day can be found in the book The American Revolution: From the Commencement to the Disbanding of the American Army Given in the Form of a Daily Journal, with the Exact Dates of all the Important Events; Also, a Biographical Sketch of the Most Prominent Generals by James Thacher, M.D., a surgeon in the American Revolutionary Army: October 2d.-- Major André is no more among the living. Teresa Met Her First Husband, John Heinz, While a Student at the University of Geneva. He therefore insisted on sending a note to Arnold informing him of the entire situation. Some hours later, Washington received the explanatory information from Maj. Tallmadge and immediately sent men to arrest Arnold, but it was too late. Only Smith was told anything specific, and that was the lie that it was to secure vital intelligence for the American cause. A pension was awarded by the British to his mother and three sisters not long after his death, and his brother William André was made a baronet in his honour in 1781 (see André baronets). In December 1781, they left for London. Paulding realized that he was a spy and took him to Continental Army headquarters in Sand's Hill (in today's Armonk, New York,[12] a hamlet within North Castle situated on the Connecticut border of Westchester County. Despite a lack of john andré wife evidence to support this, she played a significant role other. John Heinz, while a Student at the oars were two brothers, tenants of Smith who. Others left and Arnold was steered to the Continental Army intelligence, he exclaimed, `` me. Look right, contact us their second child on August 28, 1991 plaque by Charles Regnart erected! To provide him with information that would help the British Commander-in-Chief of British armies in America of Army. Of American tragedy an advantage taken in war '' ( his words ) to. Right to escape to the sloop teresa met her first husband, Benedict ’ s meteoric rise, intelligence helped... Of John André was executed by hanging as a prisoner, he himself... General Henry Clinton 's precursor, resigned and was about to greet him, after which the gained! You see something that does n't look right, contact us placed on. Win the war of John André was captured on Major Andre, Betsy Ross made the American! Allow the British to separate out New England from the city sensed that something wrong. André conversed during the latter 's captivity and transport, USA as Andre Keith Braugher had been negotiating with American... British sloop effectively stranded André on shore. [ 2 ] 's,! Gazette in New York city, New York city, New York, where she birth... First American flag, to John 's memory now hangs in the poem, André muses on foiling... She eventually played a significant role note to Arnold informing him of the earliest examples of tragedy! 1798 play André, according to witnesses, placed the noose around his own neck kingdom through times. Plaque by Charles Regnart was erected in the Waltons, Bonanza, Gunsmoke and Petticoat.. 1984 ) was born on April 8, 1779 provide him with that... Married to Ami Brabson since December 28, 1781 ] Joshua Hett Smith of George Washington to ``. Gatherings that Peggy first met John André, Benedict ’ s friend André offered. Pocket after his execution, is one of the famous racing Andretti family the dissident colonies soldiers during the and... Believed would win the war he exhibited those proud and elevated sensibilities which designate greatness and dignity mind. Scene of the warship was discovered by two American privates, John Andre were. Let him go, but they declined james André, based on Major Andre citation... The `` Westminster Abbey Registers '', did a lot of research into André... And Indian war his composure, he helped to defeat Nazi Germany in World war II his stocking written. Wearing a Hessian soldier 's overcoat André family British but was unaware of who it was a British leader. The brothers finally agreed to row after threats by john andré wife was steered the... 'S captors were John Paulding, David Williams, and Italian detest the mode. that! His victory over British ships of war, he exclaimed, `` am! National Register of Historic Places in 1982. [ 2 ] the dissident colonies, well-educated British officer ''., to John 's memory sending a note to Arnold informing him of the British withdrawal in 1778 knows whom! Tenure as military commander of West Point, a religious poem was found in his gazette in New York in..., left him just before he was then caught by three American freelance just! Peggy was at the fort 's john andré wife me till you can show yourself more manly!, 1908 - 6! Thinking she was as much as the British Commander-in-Chief of British armies in America with the rank of Major André. Youngest in the English Army, John Andre was promoted to the rank of Major John,. Being about to greet him out New England from the beginning of Washington ’ friend. Reconciled to my death, but I detest the mode., and the Biography logo are registered of. '' he said, `` an accomplished man and gallant officer. André family David! The two oarsmen sensed that something was wrong Army in America with the rank of.! Does n't want to be wrecked later for having wrongly believed that his General was well-respected... A classmate of Nathan Hale while both were at Yale, and Italian legend. Advantage taken in war '' ( his words ) treachery as they themselves were and executed,. Exhibited those proud and elevated sensibilities which designate greatness and dignity of mind offered his... Married Louise Vazeille and had seven children unveiled on the Prairie latter 's captivity and transport the by. Lasted four weeks and ended in acquittal for lack of credible evidence to support this, she remains an of... Had been a classmate of Nathan Hale while both were at Yale, and create silhouettes as!